Blood Sigils or Other Relevant Paperwork.

"And there was never an apple, in Adam’s opinion, that wasn’t worth the trouble you got into for eating it."
Corsair, they/their/them/themself. Totally NOT a robot. Have a nice day!

Sep 30


One of the times I feel most alive is when I break a sweat dancing, so I think these dance music robots are definitely on the right track in their search of humanity. That’s what I love about them.

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ok but consider this: nonbinary representation

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my back really hurts i think i have a spine made of oww

my snapchat is horrendous

my snapchat is horrendous

I’m not saying Crescendolls is one of Daft Punk’s best tracks ever but

Actually no I am Crescendolls is bloody brilliant



reblog this post with a picture of the weirdest dog


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tbh i’d pick

‘trying too hard to be inclusive’


‘only white people with tons of queerbaiting’


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I’m real tired of seeing skinny white kids painted as THE AVERAGE QUEER. Like please show me a curvy Indian agender kid from Brooklyn, a hispanic lesbian and her black girlfriend. A trans demisexual dude from Korea. GIVE ME SOMETHING OTHER THAN LANKY PALE PEOPLE WITH COLORFUL HAIR PLEASE GOD.

I will never stop linking to this article: Black People Make Up Largest Share of LGBT Community

Let’s stop pretending otherwise, OK Media?

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